Review Policy

Occasionally, I receive Advanced Readers Copies (ARC) to read and review. I review them as soon as I finish reading them, but I am a S L O W reader. I also read multiple books at a time for different reasons.

I prefer children's and young adult books. The genres I enjoy are fantasy, science fiction, paranormal, dystopia and sometimes realistic fiction. I REALLY don't like books about animals.

I would love to read a few self-published books. I feel the self-published authors need the most readers. Please be sure the book is in it's final copy and ready for sale. If I like the book, then I would like to tell people where to find it if they would like to read it too.

Please keep in mind, I work in an elementary school library and I read a lot for work over the course of the school year. I also participate in a middle school book club and have to read for that as well. I do read other books, but it just takes a while for me to get to them. If you are a published author, then I try to read the ARC before the publication date. I do prefer real books over ebooks, but I do realize that they are expensive to print and mail.

You can contact me at:

P.O. Box 804
Edgewater, MD 21037

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