Book Levels


  • The elementary school level has several different reading levels. Kindergarteners enjoy picture books and simple word books like Dr. Seuss. As they grow into the higher grades like first and second, then they enjoy easy readers. The type is bigger and there are few words to the page. There many even be a few pictures. Many of these books are labelled step 2 and 3. As the children grow into third and fourth grades, the words on the pages begin to shrink, stories add in more detail and there are less pictures. By fourth and fifth grade, kids should be able to read chapter books and chapter books do come in all shapes and sizes. Don't think that just because your child is in fifth grade they should be taking on The Hobbit. A chapter book has small print and no pictures. It is not categorized by the amount of the pages. Well, actually it is, but don't worry about that for right now.
  • Magic Treehouse and Geronimo Stilton and great books series for kids between first and third grade. It's fine to let them mess around with trying to read books that are above their grade level as long as they are motivated and not frustrated. Reading should be fun and relaxing!!
Middle School
  • When you get to middle school, chapter books are still small words with no pictures. The format doesn't change, but the material does. Now you are going to see a lot more emotional and social issues. There may be some stirring relationship scenes like boys eyeballing girls, spending time alone talking about feelings and maybe a kiss. Nothing heavy. There may be some violence. Not gory or graphic, but a little violence like fights or gunshots. There may be some social issues like popular people, bullying and body image. Middle school books will have more detail and will go into more depth. Basically, they'll have more meat to the story. 
High School

  • High school is pretty much adult with teen subjects. Teen subjects include topics in which teens may be familiar with already such as first love, drugs, alcoholism, suicide, bullying, body image issues and many other things. These books may have heavier love scenes and graphic violence. High school books or Young Adult novel may have disturbing violent scenes like in the Hunger Games or include controversial subjects like homosexuality. High school books have ALL the meat to the stories and are great stories even for adults! 
** I highly encourage parents to read along with their kids. Books make for some great conversation and many of these books, even the ones for elementary, are terrific books. Just because they are middle school books, doesn't mean adults or high schoolers can't read them too. Enjoy!!

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